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Impact and Airborne Sound Insulation Testing for Flats and Houses


Sound Insulation Testing


What is Sound Insulation Testing ?

The tests are conducted to assess whether the partition between two dwellings provides an acceptable level of resistance to the passage of sound. This is conducted through airborne tests of a wall and impact/airborne testing of a floor.

How many tests do I need ?

  • Guidance in Approved Document E on pre-completion testing states there should be at least one set of tests carried out 'for every ten dwelling-houses, flats or rooms for residential purposes in a group or sub-group.'

  • If you have a small development, this may only require one set of tests. We can offer a tailored quote to suit your requirements, so please get in touch for more information.

What does a set of tests consist of ?

  • In dwelling-houses this comprises of two separate airborne sound insulation tests. One test between habitable rooms on opposite sides of a separating wall. And a second test between another pair of rooms.

  • In flats without any separating walls, this comprises of both airborne and impact sound insulation tests between the separating floor of a pair of rooms. And another two tests (airborne and impact) between the floor of another pair of rooms.

  • In flats with both separating walls and floors, the tests are a combination of the above. Two airborne wall tests, two airborne floor tests and two impact floor tests.

What are the performance standards that I need to pass ?

The values vary for each property tested, please see here for more information on this.

An example could be if a ground floor shop with offices above are converted into flats under a material change of use. The relevant performance standards in this case are: Airborne Walls 43dB DnTw + Ctr; Airborne Floor 43dB DnTw + Ctr and Impact Floor 64dB DnTw + Ctr.

Why choose us ?

  • Price-matching service and personalised quote to suit your requirements

  • Professional attitude

  • Fast Turnaround on reports

  • CSCS Professionally Qualified Person

  • SITMA Accreditation (learn more about this here)

  • PI and PL insurance

  • Associate Member of the Institute of Acoustics

Please get in touch if you have any further queries or need to discuss any particular requirements.

Sound Testing Part E Building Regulation Standards

Approved Document E Performance Standards

The full document is available here

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