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How do I prepare for a sound insulation test on site?

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The following requirements are necessary to enable us to carry out the tests:

  • All windows & external doors must be installed, glazed and closed.

  • All trickle vents or other ventilation systems should be installed and closed.

  • All internal doors should be hung.

  • All walls/floors/ceilings must be completed.

  • All skirting boards, electrical sockets and light switches should be fitted.

  • In order to test separating floors for impact sound transmission, there must be no cosmetic floor coverings in the rooms to be tested (i.e. timber laminate/solid timber, carpet, vinyl, ceramics).

  • Rooms in which tests are to be carried out must be empty and tidy.

  • No trades should be working in the dwellings during the tests.

  • Access is required to the properties either side of the separating structure(s) under test.

  • There must be no noisy operations, or work, in or around the test properties during testing (e.g. drilling, cutting, groundwork).

  • A 240-volt (single-phase) supply is required with a safe easy secure access and adequate lighting (without trailing leads) into all rooms tested. Please inform us before our site visit if 110-volt power is to be used.

  • A set of floor plans is provided before the tests.

What to know more about the sound insulation testing, please click here

Are you ready for your sound test? Please get in contact here to book a test!

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